Shop to help the Shul

You can raise money for the Shul just by doing your usual shopping!

Through ShopWithScrip, purchase gift cards for retailers where you already shop – you only spend money that you already budgeted! These retailers give a percentage back to the Shul.

Here’s a run-down of how it works:

1 – Visit ShopWithScrip – either login or open a free new account (BIM enrollment code: 3L9E492954836).

2 – Browse their participating retailers. For your convenience, here’s a list of retailers most likely to be useful.

3 – Order a gift card in your desired amount. Some retailers let you choose between an electronic gift card sent to your email or a physical gift card.

4 – Submit your gift card order on the ShopWithScrip website, and then pay the Shul for the gift card(s). For retailers that give back 5% or more, you can pay on our website. For anything 4% or lower, we have to take cash or check due to credit card fees.

5 – Once we get your payment, we finalize the order submission. You receive your electronic cards immediately; physical cards are shipped FedEx ground and take 2 – 3 days to arrive to the Shul.

Some FAQs about the programs:

Q: Is buying Scrip complicated?
A: No. To set up your account is quick and simple, and to buy is a regular online purchase.

Q: Are gift cards hard to use?
A: No. Gift cards work just like credit/debit cards. Many are available electronically so you can get it in your email almost instantly.

Q: Can you use gift cards online?
A: Yes. The retailers have simple instructions to tell you how.

Q: Will I lose out on my credit card rewards if I use gift cards?
A: Not necessarily. The Shul will get more money if you pay via cash or check, but you can use your credit card for any scrip purchase earning 5% or greater.

Ready to setup an account? Visit ShopWithScrip to create an account using BIM’s enrollment code 3L9E492954836.