Local Costco to start carrying Kosher Foods!

We’re very excited to announce that after some discussion, the local Costco in Everett has agreed to start carrying some of their kosher products. They have begun to bring in a small selection of the products they carry in their Waltham and Dedham locations, and will bring in a few more products over the coming weeks. Below are photos of the kosher products they currently have in stock.

We encourage you to shop at this Costco and buy out their Kosher products. If this test is a success for them, they will bring in more products! If there are specific items you want that they do not have, please email the shul and we will contact Costco management, or call Costco at 617-544-4806 and ask for Pete.

Additionally, the BJs in Medford has expressed interest in carrying Kosher products to meet our needs, and we hope to have positive updates on that for you in the near future as well.