Mikvah Mayanei Tovah is open for business!

2013-11-13 18.07.46

It is with great pleasure that we announce that Malden’s Mikvah Mayanei Tovah is open for business. We have collected enough rain to completely fill the two boros (rainwater collection tanks) on the side, and the rav hamachshir, Rabbi Yirmiyah Katz of Brooklyn, told us not to delay the opening. So yesterday we filled the mikvah and put it into operation.

2013-11-13 14.50.07

As we had expected to need another inch of rain, there are still a couple of details that will be taken care of over the next few days. At this point, we do not have enough rainwater collected to fill the bor hatachton, the rainwater collection tank that sits beneath the mikvah pool, according to minhag Chabad. We are collecting water in the cistern, and when we collect enough to fill the bor hatachton we will drain and dry the mikvah, and refill it to accommodate minhag Chabad. It will IY”H be done all in one day, so there will be no down time.

2013-11-13 14.57.14

The phone number for the mikvah will be connected and announced over the next couple of days. In the meantime, anyone who needs to make an appointment can send an email to mikvah@bethisraelmalden.org at least 24 hours in advance. Please include name, contact number, and the date of the appointment. Mikvah use is by appointment only, and the schedule of available appointment times will be posted over the next couple of days. The cost is $25.

We will make more announcements as some of these important details are completed. Please feel free to check www.MaldenMikvah.org for faster information.