Parshat Emor 5773 Shabbaton Schedule

Rabbi Shimon Green Shabbaton/Community Se’udah Shlishit

Shabbat Schedule

Friday, April 26

  • 07:20 pm – Mincha
  • 07:20 pm – Candle lighting

Saturday, April 27

  • 08:45 am – Shacharit
  • 09:13 am – Latest time for Kriat Shema
  • 10:30 am – Jr. Congregation
  • 10:45 am – Toddler Group
  • 11:15 am – Luncheon, featuring Rabbi Green’s Lecture, “Fundamentals and Sacrifice 1”
  • TBA – B’nos
  • 04:30 pm – Ladies’ Class by Rebbetzin Devorah Green
  • 05:30 pm – Community Se’udah Shlishit, featuring Rabbi Green’s Lecture, “Fundamentals and Sacrifice 2”
  • 07:00 pm – Mincha
  • 07:30 pm – Men’s Class by Rabbi Shimon Green
  • 08:15 pm – Ma’ariv
  • 08:30 pm – Shabbat Ends

Weekday Schedule

April 28 – May 3


  • 08:00 am – Sunday
  • 06:40 am – Monday and Thursday
  • 06:50 am – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday


  • 07:25 pm – Sunday – Friday


  • 07:55 pm – Sunday – Thursday

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Weekly Words of Torah

The Concept of Tumat Met

Insights into Parshat Emor by Rav Re’uven Ungar of Sha’alvim, in the name of Rav Chaim Cohen, Sgan Mashgiach of Yeshivat Sha’alvim.

In פרשת אמור, the topic of טומאה is discussed at length. Although we’ve heard these words before and we know what they entail, the whole idea seems a bit out of the box. What exactly is טומאה and what’s the connection to us as Jews?

In פרשת חקת, the laws of טמא מת for Jews are discussed. However, a gentile who is in the same domain as a מת does not become טמא מת. Why a distinction between Jews and gentiles? Why do Jews become טמא while gentiles don’t? What separates us is the receiving of the Torah. Parshat Chukat begins with “זאת חקת התורה”- it all stems from receiving of the תורה. Because we received the תורה and became קדוש, we have spiritual forces called טומאה that want to attach and get a little bit of our קדושה. They are swarming and waiting to pounce and it’s easy to fall prey and contract the טומאה and all the forces of טומאה that want to be part of a Jew. When a Jew dies, he becomes easily attacked by the טומאה and therefore when any other Jew goes there he is zapped by it and becomes טמא מת himself. Just like an empty tub of honey which used to have honey in it has many flies and bugs swarming for any vestige of the sweet honey, so too when a Jew dies, the flies and bugs of טומאה attack the Jewish body that has so much קדושה.

This is the חקת that is based on the fact we have תורה. Since we have that תורה, the Jew is on a high spiritual level and all spiritual forces want to obtain the קדושה; they’re just not able to until we die and that’s why there’s the דין of טמא מת.