Parshat Vayikra 5773 Schedule

Shabbat Schedule

Friday, March 15

  • 06:30 pm – Mincha
  • 06:32 pm – Candle lighting

Saturday, March 16

  • 08:45 am – Shacharit
  • 09:53 am – Latest time for Kriat Shema
  • 10:30 am – Jr. Congregation
  • 11:15 am – Kiddush
  • TBA – B’nos
  • 05:15 pm – Men’s Class: Nefesh HaChaim
  • 06:00 pm – Mincha and Se’udah Shlishit
  • 06:30 pm – Ma’ariv
  • 07:42 pm – Shabbat Ends

Weekday Schedule

March 17 – 22


  • 08:00 am – Sunday
  • 06:40 am – Monday and Thursday
  • 06:50 am – Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday


  • 06:35 pm – Sunday – Thursday


  • 07:05 pm – Sunday – Thursday

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Weekly Words of Torah

It’s the Effort

Insights into Parshat Vayikra of Mr. Yaakov Blustein of Yeshivat Sha’alvim, by Rav Re’uven Ungar of Sha’alvim.

In this week’s Parsha, the Torah tells us:

When an Ashir (wealthy person) would bring his nice animal as a Korban (sacrifice), the blood from the animal would be thrown on the bottom part of the Mizbe’ach (Altar); but when an Ani (poor person) would bring an Ohf (a little bird) which was all he was able to afford, the blood from the bird would be put on the top of the Mizbe’ach.

The question is: If the Ashir is bringing such a nice Karbon, why is the blood thrown on the bottom of the mizbe’ach- it should be thrown on the top!? Why is the blood of the little bird of the Ani put on the top– it should be put on the bottom?

The Torah LeDa’at asks this question and explains the following: When the Ashir brings the nice animal, he might get carried away and let it “get to his head,” thinking: “I’m so great”. The Ani on the other hand may think of himself as lowly and say: “What did I do?; after-all, what I brought isn’t worth much?”.

Therefore the Torah makes it a point to put the blood from the Ani’s Karbon on top- demonstrating that the korban of the ani is put up on a pedestal in Hashem’s eyes, and certainly its no less chashuv (important) in Hashem’s eyes than the korban of a wealthier person.

In life, the most important thing in Hashem’s eyes is that we invest ourselves and do the best we can in our Avodat Hashem, each one of us to the best of our abilities. With this, hopefully we can each help make the world a place where Hashem’s Presence can dwell with us in our lives.