Parshat Vayigash 5773 Schedule

Shabbat Schedule

Friday, December 21

  • 03:55 pm – Mincha
  • 03:56 pm – Candle lighting
  • 08:00 pm – Oneg Shabbat at the home of Lev and Jacqueline Novikov, 180 Summer Street #104

Saturday, December 22

  • 07:45 am – Shacharit at Salem Towers
  • 08:45 am – Shacharit
  • 09:27 am – Latest time for Kriat Shema
  • 10:30 am – Jr. Congregation
  • 11:15 am – Kiddush
  • 03:30 pm – B’nos
  • 03:30 pm – Mincha and Se’udah Shlishit
  • 04:55 pm – Ma’ariv
  • 05:05 pm – Shabbat Ends

Fast of 10 Tevet Schedule

Sunday, December 23

  • 06:00 am – Fast Begins
  • 08:00 am – Shacharit
  • 03:45 pm – Mincha
  • 04:45 pm – Ma’ariv
  • 04:58 pm – Fast Ends

Weekday Schedule

December 24 – 28


  • 08:00 am – Tuesday (federal holiday)
  • 06:40 am – Monday and Thursday
  • 06:50 am – Wednesday and Friday

Late Ma’ariv

  • 09:00 pm – Monday – Thursday. To confirm for any given day, please contact the shul.

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Weekly Words of Torah

Ya’akov Avinu’s Recitation of the Shema

Insights into Parshat Vayigash of Mr. Yaakov Blustein of Yeshivat Sha’alvim, by Rav Re’uven Ungar of Yeshivat Sha’alvim.

In this week’s Parsha, when Ya’akov and Yosef finally meet after having been separated for 22 years, we’re told that Ya’akov was reciting Kriat Shema and Yosef wasn’t.

The Gur Aryeh asks on this as follows: Why was Ya’akov reading Kriat Shema? Was it the z’man (time) to read Kriat Shema or was it not the z’man to read Kriat Shema? If it was the z’man to read Kriat Shema, then both Ya’akov and Yosef should have been reading Kriat Shema; and if it wasn’t the time to recite Kriat Shema, then why is Ya’akov saying it right now?!- he hasn’t seen his son in 22 years!. Couldn’t he first talk to Yosef and say Kriat Shema afterwards?

One answer brought down (not pshat) is that in actuality really they were both reciting Kriat Shema, but Yosef stopped out of Yirah (awe) of his father, while Ya’akov continued the recitation.

Another answer is recorded by the Gur Aryeh. Kriat Shema is recited to show Hakarat Hatov (gratitude) for both the better and worse (before someone dies) that occurs in the world. Here, Ya’akov was so overwhelmed with Simcha; he was saying: ‘I can’t believe how lucky I am, how amazing this is that I am reunited with my Yosef once again.’ Ya’akov was so happy, and the best way for him to express it was to say Kriat Shema.

Many times in life we lose sight of The One who is ‘pulling the strings behind the scenes.’ Many times we think: ‘it was a coincidence -just by luck- that it this worked out or didn’t work out.’ We forget that we’re not really the ones running the show; rather Hashem is. But the lesson we should derive from Ya’akov saying Kriat Shema was that Ya’akov realized and was thankful of the kindness Hashem had done to him.

May each of us look within ourselves and show proper Hakarat Hatov for all that Hashem does for us and supplies us with.