Project SEED – Malden’s Summer Kollel, July 22 – August 5

Learning Torah is a gift. MAKE IT YOURS.

Arrange a study session at Congregation Beth Israel with a yeshiva student from Yeshivas Yesodai HaTorah (in Lakewood, NJ), from July 22 August 5, to learn one-on-one and in groups, during the week in the mornings and evenings, and on Shabbat.

Click here to email Rabbi Rabinowitz for more information or to set up a time to learn. Small group learning available for ladies upon request.

Special SEED Events

  • SEED Meet & Greet – Sunday, July 22, at 5:30 pm
    • Come for supper and meet the members of Project Seed 2012 in the backyard of Rabbi and Tova Rabinowitz, 265 Fellsway East.
    • The menu: Pizza , ziti, french fries, veggies and dips, watermelon, and ice cream.
    • Donations accepted.
  • SEED Learning
    • The yeshiva bochurim will be available for chavruta learning following shacharit and maariv.
    • They will be delivering divrei Torah between mincha and maariv daily, Friday night between Kabbalat Shabbat and Maariv, at the shabbat luncheon, and at Seudah Shilishit.
    • They will also give the men’s class on Shabbat.
  • Community Barbeque
    • Tuesday, July 31, at 5:30 pm in the backyard of Harold and Shoshana Zazula, 57 Glenwood Street.
  • SEED Luncheon
    • Saturday, August 4, ~11:15 am – following Shabbat morning services, in the Glaser Auditorium.

Support Torah Study, and share in the spiritual reward as if you had studied it yourself.

Support the SEED Program with a sponsorship, and the learning done during your sponsorship will be in your name or the name of the person of your choice.

Chai – $18
Double Chai – $36
Triple Chai – $54
Donor – $72
Benefactor – $108
Luncheon – $144
Day of learning – $180
Week of learning – $540
The names of all sponsors will be posted throughout the SEED Program, and for each day of learning, announced prior to the study sessions.

Click here to pledge to support Torah study with a SEED sponsorship.