Pesach 5772- Can I Leave Frozen Pizza in my Freezer over Pesach?

Today I recieved the following question.

“I am selling my Frozen pizza over Pesach with the rest of my Chometz. Is there a way that I can leave it in my freezer and still use that freezer over Pesach?

The Torah prohibits us from possessing Chometz over Pesach. If a Gentile asks you if he can store his Chometz on your property over Pesach, are you permitted to let him?

If the Chometz does not belong to you, there is no Torah prohibition. However, the Sages ruled that to be allowed to do so one must create a separation for the Chometz lest you come to eat it. This is why the Chometz that we sell to a Gentile is stored away and people also put on the cabinet that it is stored away in some kind of a sign that this area is off limits because of the Chometz that is there.

What you can do with the pizza is separate the area where it is in the freezer by putting up a cardboard wall around it or covering it in a way that you realize to stay away from this area of the freezer. You could also put it in a bag and write “CHOMETZ” on it.

You may then continue to use the freezer over Pesach.

Chag kasher v’samayach- A kosher and joyous Pesach!