Lazer-tag: A SEED Experience

by Yaakov Marcus

The SEED boys and members of Congregation Beth Israel enjoyed an exhilarating excursion to Laser Zone on Sunday, August 14. In the ensuing spirited battles of laser tag, the tension was palpable as each side dodged intense enemy fire while they cautiously made their way toward the opponent’s base. Both teams dueled heavily for control of the other team’s base and the individual contest of receiving the most points. The SEED boys were continuously astounded by the military prowess demonstrated by some of the members of the shul (they got the highest scores).

There were also many amazing arcade games which were thoroughly enjoyed by all those in attendance. Multiple lively rounds of air hockey were watched by several cheering spectators. This is just one of the many exciting activities we (the SEED boys) have experienced during our (too) short stay in this magnificent community. The kindness and warmth of this exceptional community and the outstanding experience of this summer will not fade quickly from our memories. We would like to thank the entire community for transforming this summer into something we can cherish and treasure for the rest of our lives.