Laws of The Nine Days (Starting the first day of Av)

  1. We do not eat meat or drink wine. However, on Shabbat we are permitted to do so. “Meat” includes fowl and food cooked with meat or meat fat or gravy. You may eat food cooked in a meat vessel without meat ingredients.
  2. You are permitted to use wine for havdallah on Saturday night. Some give the wine to a small child, while others use beer.
  3. We refrain from laundering. However, you may launder childrenĀ¹s clothing that constantly soils with dirt and the like. Additionally, you may give clothing to a non-Jewish cleaner before the first of Av even if it will be cleaned afterwards.
  4. We refrain from wearing freshly laundered clothing. If you wear your clothing for a short time before the first of Av, they can then be worn during The Nine Days. Undergarments, socks, and pajamas, which are worn directly on the body, may be changed where irritation and discomfort will develop. Also, we may not purchase or make any new garments. Knitting and needlecraft are prohibited, but you may repair or patch torn garments. If you do not have any non-leather shoes, and forgot to buy sneakers for Tisha B’Av, you may do so.
  5. We also refrain from changing bed linen and using fresh tablecloths and towels.
  6. On Shabbat you may wear freshly cleaned clothing or use fresh towels and tablecloths, but you may not change bed linens.
  7. You may not wear any new garments even on Shabbat. You may not wear Shabbat garments on weekdays during The Nine Days.
  8. You may not bathe for pleasure. You may not use hot or warm water for cleaning yourself unless the dirt or perspiration will not come off otherwise. You may add hot water to cold water in order to take out the chill.
  9. For Shabbat, you may bathe with hot water (if you do so every Friday for Shabbat). A woman may go to the mikva during The Nine Days.
  10. Construction is suspended unless it is required for living purposes or to prevent damage. Home decorating is not permitted. If a non-Jew was contracted before the 1st of Av, he may work during The Nine Days. Gardening is suspended.
  11. You may not purchase objects of joy, such as silver for a wedding, if it will be available after Tisha B’Av for the same price.
  12. You may not cut your nails during the week in which Tisha B’Av occurs. However, for Shabbat or as preparation for mikva use, you are permitted to do so.

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