YU Torah Tours Makes a Stop in Malden

by Phillip Vedol and Josh Vogel

Shavuot 5771 at Beth Israel of Malden was very special, indeed!

Six students from Yeshiva University’s Torah Tours came to Congregation Beth Israel Malden for the holiday to give shiurim, or classes in Torah, for men, women, and teens.  After a community evening seudah, or festive meal, the shiurim began. A wide spectrum of topics were covered, including two special interactive discussions for the community’s teenagers. The learning went into the morning, sweetened with regular servings of cheesecake.

Throughout the holiday, the entire shul community was charmed by the friendly and conversational nature of the Torah Tours crew. They took a keen interest in getting to know all of the shul’s congregants, with the community immediately making them feel at home.

We wish to thank and commend Dorit Muskin (who was their coordinator), Esti Reichman, Alexandra Grumet, Zach Weiner, Elliot Friedman, and Josh Jay for enhancing our community’s Shavuot experience on so many levels. We were even fortunate to have the voice of one of YU’s Maccabeats to uplift our services. They were excited to bring back word to their friends of the great incentives the Jewish Community of Malden has to offer, like tuition assistance (link), an eruv, and Mikvah under construction (link). They also agreed that Malden’s proximity to Boston, with its jobs and great schools, made it a good choice for any growing Jewish family.

We are also grateful to Rabbi & Rebbitzen Rabinowitz, the Bitran Family, the Goldberg Family, and the Vogel Family for hosting Torah Tours and being such great company during their stay..

The shiurim included topics on  “A Jew’s Role in This World,” “Birchat HaTorah,” and “Pulling An All Nighter….Is It Worth It?,” to mention a few.  Rabbi Yitzchak Zev Rabinowitz, our community’s rabbi, also gave shiurim regarding “Does Everyone Receive a Portion in Olam Haba-The World to Come?,” “Shavuos- a Time for Change,” and “ What Shavuos Did (or Didn’t Do) for Eating Dairy,” along with many others.

We were sad to see them leave and are looking forward to sharing other Chagim and Smichot with them again soon!