Torah Tours Topics

We look forward to welcoming the young men and women from Yeshiva University’s Torah Tours who will be joining us for Shavu’ot and giving some Torah classes over the Holiday. The topics of their classes include:

Shavu’ot night

  • Men’s class – “The second giving of the Torah – could Rabbi Akiva possibly be greater than Moshe Rabbeinu?”
  • Teen Program – “A Jew’s role in this world”
  • Women’s Chavruta learning

1st day Shavu’ot

  • Before Mincha – “Birchat Hatorah”

2nd day Shavu’ot

  • Women’s Class at 4:45 pm – “Pulling an all nighter….is it worth it?”
  • Men’s Class before Mincha- “We always talk about Sarah, Rivka, Rachel, and Leah – what about Bilha and Zilpa?”