A Successful Groundbreaking Ceremony

(Cross post from MaldenMikvah.org)

A large crowd ¬†gathered at Congregation Beth Israel yesterday to celebrate the groundbreaking for our mikvah. Many leaders of the Jewish community attended, including the Bostoner Rebbe, who spoke, Rosh Kollel Rabbi Naftali Bier, Rabbi Avraham Halbfinger, and many other distinguished rabbanim, as well as many friends of the Malden community from Greater Boston. Malden’s Mayor, Richard Howard, joined the ceremony, as did John Matheson, candidate for City Counselor for our ward.

The large assembly crowded onto the balcony overlooking the former pool area, and around the fenced-off construction site, for the ceremony. Rabbi Rabinowitz, the spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Israel, began the ceremony with Psalm 130. Mayor Howard said a few congratulatory words to the congregation. We were honored with some words from the Bostoner Rebbe. The president of the congregation, Jay Lamport, spoke after the Bostoner Rebbe, followed by Matthew Garland, and Rabbi Rabinowitz.

“I’m very happy that everyone in the community works as a group and pitches in, and people take on roles and do things,” said Sam Goldberg, 1st Vice President of the synagogue and Chair of the Mikvah Committee. “And I think even though we’re a small group we’re doing quite a great job at making the community grow and making projects like this happen. Thanks to everybody who helped.”

Our photos are included below. The photographer’s pictures will be available G-d Willing at the end of the week, and you will be able to view them as a slideshow when they are up.


Rabbi Rabinowitz leads the assembly in Psalm 130 to begin the ceremony.

Lev Novikov, the Master of Ceremonies, introduces the important aspects of Mikvah in the opening remarks.

Grand Rabbi Naftali Tzvi Yehuda HaLevi Horowitz, the Bostoner Rebbe, delivers his remarks.