Sale of Chametz Form

Pesach is right around the corner! Any chametz owned by a Jew during Passover week is forbidden for actual use forever. If there is chametz that you do not want to dispose of (e.g. bottle of shnapps), you must arrange for a formal sale of chametz to a non-Jew that will go into effect before Passover. Rabbi Rabinowitz is available to arrange for this important contract following weekday morning and evening services, or by appointment. You can call him at (781) 322-5686 or (781) 322-5191, or use the form below.

The deadline for selling your chametz through the Rabbi is 8:00 a.m. on Monday, April 18. If you miss this deadline please call the rabbi at (781) 322-5191 and leave a message.

All chametz that you are selling sold should be stored away in one or more designated areas and sealed off.

Please specify if your contribution for the sale of chametz is designated to the shul or to the rabbi.