Burn your chometz and throw away your garbage

We will be burning chometz on Monday 4/18 at the shul at 10 Dexter St. I spoke today  with the fire deputy and he gave us the ok. We will be doing it outside on the Dexter St. side  along the basement level of the shul. You can burn your chometz from 9:15- 11:15 a.m.

I also spoke with the Dept. of Public works today and they will be making a garbage pickup for us on Tuesday morning  at the shul( Monday is Patriots Day).Bring your garbage ( chometz or non- chometz) in Malden trash bags and put it on the edge of the sidewalk next to the street on the Elm St. side of the shul. Do not drop it off in the shul parking lot or in the shul trash bins in the parking lot.  There is no problem that the pickup will be on Yom Tov since whatever chometz that may be in the trash will be sitting on city property. Remenber- your garbage must be in Malden trashbags.

Chag kasher v’samayach.

Rabbi Yitzchak Rabinowitz