Tehillim Group

Dear Friends,

I would like to ask for your participation in a Tehilim (Psalms) group on behalf of my 18 year old nephew, Chaim Meir Rabinowitz, who was recently diagnosed with a recurrence of cancer after 5 years in remission.

We have divided up all the chapters of Tehilim into groups of two or three chapters to be recited every day with the goal of collectively finishing the entire book of Tehilim every day. Nighttime is when the day begins and ends with sunset. These chapters can be recited any time during the day. Please have his Hebrew name (Chaim Meir ben Leah Miriam) in mind when you recite these chapters and include it in your daily prayers. On Shabbat recite them without his name in mind.

My brother, Mordechai, and his family have spent Simchat Torah with us for the past 14 years so many of you know him and his family. The holy words of Tehilim recited by a group of people is an extremely powerful spiritual force in attaining the blessings we request from the Almighty.

Please help our family in this very difficult time. In the merit of your kindness and prayers may we all be blessed with health, simcha and nachas.

With great appreciation,
Yitzchak Rabinowitz

To participate, put your name near the chapter(s) to take responsibility for reading those chapters every day.