Parshat Tazria Schedule

Shabbat Mevarchim/ Parshat Hachodesh

Shabbat Schedule

Friday, April 1

  • 06:50 am – Shacharit
  • 06:50 pm – Mincha
  • 06:51 pm – Candle Lighting

Saturday, April 2

  • 07:45 am – Shacharit at Salem Towers
  • 08:45 am – Shacharit
  • 09:36 am – Latest Time for Kriat Shema
  • 11:30 am – Kiddush
  • 05:30 pm – Men’s Class in Derech Hashem
  • 06:25 pm – Mincha
  • 06:55 pm – Se’udah Shlishit
  • 07:50 pm – Ma’ariv
  • 08:01 pm – Shabbat Ends

Week of April 3 – 8


  • 08:00 am – Sunday
  • 06:40 am – Monday, Tuesday (Rosh Chodesh Nissan), and Thursday
  • 06:50 am – Wednesday, and Friday


  • 06:55 pm – Monday – Friday


  • 07:25 pm – Monday – Thursday

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Weekly Words of Torah

Warning Light

Insights into Parshat Tazria by Assistant Rosh Yeshivat Sha’alvim, Rav Aryeh Hendler, by Rav Re’uven Ungar of Sha’alvim .

The Rambam writes that the disease of tza’ra’at is unnatural; rather it is a unique phenomenon that exists in the Jewish People to discourage us from involvement in slander (lashon hara). At first, the walls of the home change colors. If the person repents, the house is purified. If not, the house will be destroyed and the leather goods in the home will be afflicted with tza’ra’at. If the person repents, all is fine. If not, they will be burned, and his clothes will change. Unless the person repents, the clothes will be burned and the individuals skin will become afflicted and he will be separated and infamous until he refrains from engaging in idle and slanderous talk. (Hilchot Tumat Tza’ra’at 16:10).

Tza’ra’at is an educational affliction. It is designed to warm a person that something is amiss and must be rectified. It progresses from the home, to utensils, to clothes, to the person himself.

This is amazing. We all recognize that a gradual process is at work- culminating in the person himself. But how can it ever reach that stage- wouldn’t the person realize what is happening from the beginning and desist from this despicable practice? Who would wait until it reached his body?!

In every car there is a warning light. It informs the driver that a problem exists- lack of oil, overheating etc’. An interesting human phenomemon exists- sometimes the light appears and we ignore it. We rationalize how the warning lit up. This is at our own peril.

In terms of lashon hara and tza’ra’at the same thought pattern exists. People will ignore warning signs, rather than engage in self-introspection.

Let us honestly examine ourselves and rectify what requires fixing.