It’s Showtime!


We’ve done some major overhauling to our website, and although we’re launching it now, there’s still more to come. I’d like to take a minute and give you a brief overview of what to expect from this new, improved website.

  1. Twitter Eruv Status/weather widget. Our new Eruv Status is fed from our Eruv Twitter account. If you click it, you will be redirected to our eruv twitter page. If you follow it, you can set it so that you get the eruv status updates texted to you on your cell phone (you can also text “follow maldeneruv” to 40404)! For your convenience, we also have a 36-hour weather widget, so you’ll know how to dress for the weather on Shabbat morning.
  2. Blogs. You’ll get regular updates from the Rabbi, shul President, and myself, on a whole variety of topics. Feel free to comment! We appreciate your feedback, and we’d love to know what you think about what we say. Our styles will grow to adapt to our readership, so feedback is important.
  3. Google Calendar of Events. Our schedules are now in a special Google calendar. You can save the calendar and automatically get updated whenever we update the times and events.
  4. Categories. All of our posts will be categorized – sometimes more than once! All of our categories will be visible in a column on the right, so you can search for old posts and media by the categories – photos, audio, events, etc. You can also search by author, if you want (for example) to search through the Rabbi’s old posts.
  5. Coming soon – Forms. RSVPing and signing up for events (and even membership) will be made much easier with Google Forms. Payments and donations will be a snap, too, with Paypal.

Those are the main items. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, I invite you to contact me. We’re not finished with the styling, but that will be updated as we go along. I’ll keep you apprised of any new features that we roll out, as well. I hope you enjoy the new site!