Kicking it Up at the Men’s Krav Maga class


If I had to sum up yesterday’s men’s krav maga class in one word, that’s what it would be. Awesome. I’ve been training in various martial arts for the better part of half my life, and I don’t impress easily. I can tell what’s practical, what’s sporty, and what’s showy. And this, my friends, falls squarely in the first category.

Dennis Amato, the owner and head instructor of Krav Maga Boston, came and gave us a self defense seminar during the summer. It was fantastic and yet all over the place. We did choke escapes, wrist locks, and to give us a taste for what we could have, he showed us 15 minutes of a 7 hour gun defense seminar.

This was entirely different. As the first in a series of on-going classes, Dennis started us off training a solid foundation – basic footwork, jab, cross, and combinations.

There’s still space available to sign up, and we have 9 more classes in this first session, so if you can make it to the rest of the classes (every other Sunday) then it’ll be less expensive for you to sign up for the whole session at $72 over paying the walk in rate of $10.